About Us


Cairns Coatings Paint & Abrasives Centre are a local business, situated at 223 Hartley Street, Cairns, with more than 29 years' experience catering for all paint and abrasive needs.

We carry a wide range of paint products designed specifically for domestic, industrial, marine and automotive applications. Catering for the professional painter to the DIY enthusiast.

The key to any painting task is preparation and our friendly staff are experts in providing the right advice for whatever surface you plan to paint, seal or cover. We also carry a range of professional power tools from Festool and Fein to help make the job easier.

Cairns Coatings Paint & Abrasives Centre supply interior and exterior house paints, floor sealers, timber stains and oils, enamel paints and roof cooling paint.

We carry a range of tools and products such as brushes, rollers, trays, sandpapers, scrapers, tapes, glues, abrasives etc. needed to complete your decorating job.

Talk to our trained staff before you undertake your next home makeover to get the right tips and advice to aid you in getting the job done easily and with a top-rate finish.