Paint Supplies in Cairns


We stock the quality Resene paint range. Resene's tough and durable exterior paints have been designed to withstand the elements, ensuring longer periods between repaints. Talk to us about selecting the right paint for your project. And if you have seen a colour you like but can't bring the object in, download the Resene smartphone app and it will speed up the colour matching. The app allows you to take a photo of the item to help with colour selection along with offering a range of complementary colours.
We stock the entire Resene paint range including:
  • Resene interior and exterior acrylic paints
  • Resene enamel paint
  • Resene woodcare stains and oils
  • Environmentally friendly low VOC Resene paints
Resene Paint Testpot — Paint and Wallpaper Service in Cairns QLD
Resene Paint — Paint and Wallpaper Service in Cairns QLD

Duralex Paints
Duralex Paints were developed in 1946 to supercede the lead based paints which were available on the market at that time. Internationally renowned for manufacturing high quality paint with minimal odour and volatile organic compounds (VOC), Duralex are an industry leader. All of their painting products are also manufactured in Australia under stringent national standards.
Duralex — Paint and Wallpaper Service in Cairns QLD

CIA Sealers
CIA manufactures and supplies a wide range of clear sealers to cover most applications. Ranging from high quality, economical, solvent-based acrylics, to natural finish penetrating sealers to long lasting commercial grade polyurethanes. CIA sealers can be applied by broom, brush, roller or solvent resistant sprayers. Our sealers can be tinted to a range of colours. CIA sealers can be used on pavers, Stampcrete™, exposed aggregate, concrete driveways and concrete floors.
CIA — Paint and Wallpaper Service in Cairns QLD
Sealers & Primers
We carry a range of epoxy sealers, base coats, undercoats, primers, clear sealers and waxes. We provide oil-based, epoxy-based and water-based sealers or undercoats.

We have galvanised iron primers, along with timber and metal primers. Primers are ideal for use when painting over surfaces that are stained from water damage or mildew. Without the primer, you run the risk of your new paint having variations in colour or failing to stick at all. Primers are good when covering a dark surface. A white primer will help reduce the number of coats of light paint over a dark surface.

Sealers are a type of primer and should be applied before a primer. In some cases they can replace the primer. A sealer is ideal for porous surfaces such as old concrete tiles. Once applied they will aid in ensuring a more uniform gloss level for finishing coats.

Undercoats are painted over sealers or primers and help even out small imperfections and provide an effective barrier stopping moisture seeping to the substrate. This is especially important for steel products.

Our range of marine paints and varnishes can help fight the damaging combination of the sun's rays and salt water. Because of the harsh environments that marine craft can be subjected to, there is a wide range of marine paints for uses as diverse as underwater hulls, decks, cargo tanks and engine rooms. We also supply a wide range of epoxies, polyurethanes, anti-fouling and marine-grade epoxy glues.

Talk to the experts to ensure you get the right marine paint for the job at hand. Our prices for marine paints and varnishes are competitive and we offer a paint matching service for your convenience. We only supply premium quality marine paints designed for strength and durability. The brands of marine and industrial paints we supply include: Altex, Carboline, International, Hempel and Bote Cote.

Contact us today for advice or a no obligation free quote on your marine paint needs, or drop into the store our genuine, friendly team are happy to assist you.
Carboline - Altex — Paint and Wallpaper Service in Cairns QLD

We carry a range of automotive paints designed to protect and show your car at its full potential. From acrylic lacquers, base coats, clears, primers, undercoats and 2K products, we have all the supplies you need.

Exclusive to Cairns Coatings Paint & Abrasives is the DNA range. Specialising in Candy ColorZ™, PearlZ™ and special effect paints for street cars, hot rods, show cars, motorbikes and air brushing.

If you have a vintage car that you are trying to source a specific colour for that is no longer available, let us mix the perfect shade for you. Our staff have many years experience colour matching, which is vital for restoring older makes and models to their original finish.

We sell automotive paints to trades and the public and have a comprehensive selection of tools for sanding through to application. Our paint range includes: Axalta, DNA and UPOL.

Come and discuss your automotive paint requirements with us today. We can select the right paint and accessories to make your automotive restoration.
Automotive Paint — Paint and Wallpaper Service in Cairns QLD