Timber Coatings Floors Cairns


Whether it's a polished timber floor, industrial floor, polished concrete floor or an outside timber decking you want to protect and enhance, we have the product. Cairns Coatings Paint & Abrasives Centre carry oil, epoxy and water-based products. Decking oils are used to bring out the natural beauty of timber as well as providing a protective barrier from the sun and water. Many of the products offer advanced UV protection and water-repellent characteristics. Our range of stains allow you to add the colour of your choice, while still accentuating the inherent grain of the timber. We stock all of the leading industry brands in coatings including: Mirotone, Polycure, Toby, Enviropro, Intergrain and Flood. Cairns Coatings Paint & Abrasives Centre also offers a range of epoxy, polyurethane and flake floor systems for your garage, sports clubhouse or industrial workshop.

Arrange a consultation with us today. Our sales team will assess your floor or decking needs taking into consideration such factors as lifestyle, variety of surfaces you've chosen for your project and budget. We will then offer a range of products tailored to fulfil these.